MAK Advertising - Cairns, Australia

Media Planning

When it comes to media, start as you mean finish

The cleverest ad in the world will fall down without the right media strategy and without the muscle to wring every last bit of value from every media dollar, your budget and business will sink right along with it.

Mak is a media-driven agency, independently accredited with the MCRI (Media Credit Reference Limited) and hold “AA” rating, the highest in Australia. We are also a member of the Advertising Federation of Australia and a signatory to their Code of Ethics. This means we have enormous credibility, accountability and financial stability and it just so happens that Mak Advertising places a huge volume of business across all media, so we have unrivalled buying clout into the bargain.

All of this works to your very considerable advantage. Regardless of the size of your budget, we will squeeze every last drop of value out of it and the close, professional relationships we have built with local media will deliver more flexible, innovative plans. What’s more, your media strategy is planned, executed, monitored and tracked totally by Mak, because unlike many agencies, we don’t treat media as an end-function to be farmed out to someone else.

We bring some thirty years of regional media experience to the negotiating table on your behalf and that makes us unique in North Queensland. It makes Mak your logical starting point if you mean to finish in front.

* MCRL: Media Credit Reference Limited
Provide credit ratings for advertising agencies buying from major media
(02) 9884 9044

*AFA: Advertising Federation of Australia